The Story Of WuWood

The Story Of WuWood

– Select And Unique Style –

WuWood select and import authentic Asian traditional and modern wooden furniture, tea-ware and artistic homeware.
We offer quality Chinese, Indian and oriental style items.

WuWood finds contemporary and traditional hardwood furniture crafted in Asia, all handmade from responsibly-sourced teak, oak, camphorwood, cypress, elm and mahogany.

-Why Choose WuWood? –

  • Our unique range is carefully chosen from many different small makers across Asia. 
  • Our selections include rustic, artisan pieces all the way to refined items with a greater emphasis on highly polished and ornate finishing.
  • Our selections change with every shipment reflecting the unique and handmade nature of our craftspeople.
  • We mainly offer stock that we hold in the UK, which means that our couriers can promptly get your orders to your home.
  • We also showcase items for future production.

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