About us

WuWood select and import authentic Asian traditional and modern wooden furniture, tea-ware and artistic homeware. 

We offer quality Chinese, Indian and oriental style items. WuWood finds contemporary and traditional hardwood furniture crafted in Asia, all handmade from responsibly-sourced teak, oak, camphorwood, cypress, elm and mahogany.

Why Choose WuWood?

Our unique range is carefully chosen from many different small makers across Asia. 

Our selections include rustic, artisan pieces all the way to refined items with a greater emphasis on highly polished and ornate finishing.

Our selections change with every shipment reflecting the unique and handmade nature of our craftspeople.


We mainly offer stock that we hold in the UK, which means that our couriers can promptly get your orders to your home.

We also showcase items for future production.  You have to wait a bit longer but you’re first in the queue!



Meet Daphne (Chih-Yi Wu)

I came to Stirling to study in 2015 and married my Scotsman in 2018! To help with my feelings of homesickness, Brian used his construction skills to create our home in Scotland that felt like a little corner of Taiwan. 

We chose Taiwanese furniture from our family friend’s workshop in Taipei.  When our Scottish friends visit our home, they all ask where we found the furnishings and the idea for WuWood was born.

We love our home.  It is a mix of Asia and Scotland, Feng Shui and tartan!  I have been made to feel very welcome here and I hope you feel inspired when you browse our site.

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