The Story Of Treasure Bowl

It is said that during the Ming dynasty, Wanshan Shen, a good-hearted but poor man was watching a fisherman sharpening his knife.  He needed it sharp because he had 100 frogs to kill!  Wanshan Shen couldn’t bear the thought of the slaughter so used the last of his money to buy all the frogs and immediately released them.  That night, he was awoken by the sound of frogs croaking.  He went outside to find all the frogs gathered around a wooden bowl.  He took it home for his wife; it would make a good wash bowl.  Wanshan’s wife loved it but as she went to use it, accidentally dropped her silver hair comb into the bowl.  

Suddenly, the bowl was full to overflowing with silver coins, too many to count!  Wanshan became rich and for the rest of his life, only had to throw a silver coin into his magic bowl for it to immediately fill up again. 

Today, treasure bowls are a powerful Feng Shui symbol of good fortune.  Each bowl is hand-made and unique.  The elegant simplicity of their shape is soothing and calming.  Lift the cap and sniff the natural Fendo fragrance; you’ll find yourself in the middle of an enchanted forest!  Treasure bowls are our most popular product.  They come in many different sizes.  Each one is beautiful and makes a welcome addition to any home.  They make perfect presents for you or your friends.  An ideal gift for any occasion. 

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